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  • Under the leadership of Renault Trucks & Diota, the General Trades Competition for Vehicle Maintenance turned Digital.

The eight finalists of the 2018 edition of the General Trades Competition of Vehicle Maintenance  (GTC VM), which took place on May 23rd and 24th in the Lille Academy, had the opportunity to benefit from Diota's Augmented Reality solution during the practice tests in the maintenance on a RENAULT TRUCKS truck. A first that convinced teachers of the potential of Augmented Reality for top-of-the-rank training of the technicians and ingeneers of tomorrow.

At the time of Industry 4.0, digital transformation is not just the business of industry players. It also concerns Education, which not only faces the challenge of ever more efficient training of tomorrow's engineers and technicians, but also the need to align learning with the most modern industrial processes and practices.

In order to help Education take up this challenge, Diota has thought the excellATE (Augmented Training and Education) offer, proposed in partnership with Visiative Education & Research, a major european reseller of the DASSAULT SYSTEMES' SolidWorks Composer solution with strong expertise in 3D technologies, and ERM Automatismes, a French leader in didactic solutions for technological training (prototyping, manufacturing, maintenance, control, robotics ...). Dedicated to training and education, the excellATE offer allows teachers to prepare with full autonomy educational 3D content that can be used in Augmented Reality, intended to guide learners step by step in a fun and intuitive way through the understanding of abstract concepts and phenomena and/or in acquiring technical gestures.

Already used by some institutions such as ENSIAME, a public engineering school holding the EUR-ACE engineering accreditation label and which is already experiencing the real benefits brought by the solution (especially accelerated learning and increased retention thanks to the Learning by Doing), the excellATE solution was implemented within the framework of the CGM MV to demonstrate  its potential especially in complex learning situations.


Eight finalist candidates are confronted, during the practical tests, with carrying out diagnostic and maintenance operations on three types of vehicles (private cars, road transport vehicles and motorcycles), whatever their original specialization option.


Since technical gestures are specific to their options, candidates must show a high degree of adaptability to be able to transfer their skills to another type of vehicle than the one they are specialized in, without being penalized.


In order to help them in this tough exercise, the Academy of Lille, organizer of the competition this year, with the support of Mrs. Pascale COSTA, Inspector General of National Education, sought to integrate the Augmented Reality in order to put all on aeual footing in the transposition of their usual techniques on a truck, whose scale is often destabilizing.

Both partners of the event, RENAULT TRUCKS, the truck manufacturer, & DIOTA, requested because of its expertise in industrial Augmented Reality notably for the guidance of maintenance and repair operations as well as for training, responded together to this request, through the implementation of a digital project.

Equipped with the DiotaPlayer on tablets, candidates were able to visualize in real time on the truck made "transparent", some parts invisible to the naked eye, or the functioning of certain parts. They were so helped in:

  • the handling of the vehicle (tilting of the cabin, identification of elements of the driving position ...)
  • the identification of the elements to be diagnosed (visualization of the motor chassis assembly transmission in transparency, localization of the different computers ...)..

At the end of the CGM MV, the observation of the effectiveness of the help provided by Augmented Reality through Diota's solution taken in hand in a few minutes by learners discovering it for the first time, was unanimous.


As DIOTA's software can support a rather heavy architect, various tabs and details can be added. The tool is a real professional tool. One can imagine a saving of time for all types of intervention or training in the private or public sector as is already the case in the aeronautical field, comments François VERHOEVEN, CMI IEN STI Professor, Academy of Lille.

The renewal of the operation next year during the competition to be held in Rennes has already been recommended by the organizers.

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