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During the 20th edition of the LAVAL VIRTUAL trade show, Diota presented its latest developments in tracking technology as implemented in the framework of the AGORA project, carried out in collaboration with major players in Industry 4.0 ( CEA List, Safran, PSA Group, ENSAM).



In Augmented Reality, the restitution of instructions and information superimposed directly on real systems may be restricted by the high complexity of the operational environment. A complexity that the AGORA project (Assistance to Gestures for Assembly and Maintenance and Control with Augmented Reality) seeks to lift, aiming at the use of Augmented Reality tools to assist the assembly, control and maintenance operations on objects identified as particularly complex or even unfavorable.

The challenge: widening the field of deployments of Diota's Industry 4.0 solutions exploiting tracking technlogy to the most complex operational environments (high diversity of parts and operating modes, fixed / mobile parts, evolving environments).



In the context of AGORA, the focus has therefore been on increasing the performance of the tracking technology resulting from Diota's partnership with the CEA for use cases submitted by the industrial players involved in the project.

This collaboration has led to remarkable progress, the technology now allowing, depending on the cases :

  • more accurate tracking: positioning a gauge on an aircraft engine element with sub-millimeter accuracy (Safran)
  • mobile tracking: motor control on moving objects (PSA)
  • tracking of curved and little textured objects: conformity check on ship hoses (Naval Group)

In addition to this progress, the success of the AGORA project relies on:

  • the adaptation of the solutions to the information system (IS) of each industrial player despite the heterogeneity of 3D  formats and data formats.
  • the ergonomics of the workstation by the ability to opt for the most appropriate means of visualization depending on the job

Two objectives fulfilled respectively with the generic DiotaConnect plug-in allowing a two-way connection to industrial IS, and the compatibility of Diota solutions with standard equipment (tablet, projective systems on tripod or articulated arm, ...).



The convincing results of the AGORA project lead to the first industrial deployments of the explored use cases.

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