Reaching a Performance 4.0

Accelerating value creation. Optimizing costs. Today's manufacturers are faced with decisive performance challenges. Our Digital - Field solutions for process optimization meet them.


Process Optimization, Continuous Improvement.

Competition. Disruption. Complexity. Industrial processes are under great pressure in terms of time, reliability, flexibility and profitability.

Our solutions combining the Digital and the Field allow manufacturers to use design and field data to empower each actor in the value chain with the right information at the rigth time .

Thanks to them, processes gain in:


Acceleration of cycle times and skills development.


First Time Right optimization


Improved decision-making, prediction and evolution through feedback from the field


Reduction of costs incurred by non-quality, time losses and information breakdowns.


Digitizing Complex Processes


Empowering operators and quality managers with efficient digital tools to optimize cycle times, improve collaboration, reduce non-quality and secure customer loyalty.


Empowering technicians and quality managers with efficient digital tools to diagnose and solve problems faster, reduce service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Operator Assistance

Intuitive and adapted to work cells, our operator assistance solutions considerably reduce operational complexity and streamline workflows. Thanks to them, operators can:

  • Do right first time
  • Save time
  • Better document field operations

Thanks to this solution we know exactly where to carry out the right tasks and we cannot go wrong anymore.

Assembly operator, Dassault Aviation

Quality Inspection

Carried out by man or automated, quality inspection procedures faces highest requirements of reliability and accuracy. Our inspection solutions based on the digital model effectively identify, qualify and trace non-conformities. Thanks to them, quality managers can:

  • Increase the reliability of inspection results 
  • Save time
  • Better analyse results

Beyond the use cases that we master today in terms of inspection, there are many cases of uses that we plan to test and qualify, coming with a high potential for both engineering and different Business Units of the Group, for example for maintenance support, for training, and many other things.

Leader de la Transformation Digitale, Orano Projets.

Digital Traceability

Thanks to the collection and processing of field data made possible by our digital solutions, operational data and user feedback are accessible and usable in association with the digital reference. Experts can:

  • Better predict
  • Better decide
  • Continuously improve processes