Dassault Aviation optimizes the mounting-assembly of Rafale wings with our Digital-Assisted Operations solution.

Requiring numerous and variable tasks, mounting-assembly operations of aero structures (riveting, drilling, fasteners laying…) present a high complexity, source of errors for operators. In order to help operators to make no mistake, Dassault Aviation uses the Digital-Assisted Operations solution that minimizes errors risks and improves quality and productivity. Focus on the implementation and benefits of this solution in the case of pinning operation on Rafale wings.


Context: Pinning operation in mounting-Assembly of Rafale wings
Goal: Help operators to avoid errors
Solution: Projection of digital and interactive work instructions 
Result: Error risk minimized  

A process combining human and robotic interventions

The process of mounting and assembly of Rafale aerofoils implies, among others, successive and complementary interventions of robot and human operator for pinning, drilling and milling operations.

Indeed, to allow the robot to carry out suitable drilling and milling on the sail, beforehand, operators ensure that the sail is well fixed on its framework, without interfering with the robot’s trajectory.

To that end, they put pins with various sizes at specific localization on the sail before each robot’s intervention. The pinning configuration (localization and references of the pins) changes following the phase of the process.  

A high complexity for the operator

The variability of the pinning configuration is a source of complexity for operators. To identify localization and references of the pins for their pose on the sail, operators are constantly comparing the real sail with papers and draw markers with pens, scotch, pieces of paper…

With this method localization and references errors are inevitable, even for the most experienced. 

Therefore, Dassault Aviation was looking for a solution able to help operators to avoid errors, in particular facilitating instruction understanding.

Pinning instructions directly projected on the Rafale wings

„Thanks to this solution we know exactly where to carry out the right tasks and we cannot go wrong anymore. This tool is the future.“

Operator, Dassault Aviation

To guide their operators, Dassault Aviation chose to implement Diota’s Digital-Assisted Operations solution through which pinning instructions (references and localizations), directly prepared in Dassault Systems PLM, are comprehensively projected on the sail.

Thereby, operators visualize right in front of them, directly on the sail, the pinning configuration and only have to put the pins following the references and localizations indicated according to the process phase.


„Operators adhere to this solution because it provides them with effective help to avoid errors and carry out tasks to the best of their know-how.“

Quality Manager, Dassault Aviation

Benefits are many in particular in terms of:


  • Simple identification and reliable execution of the tasks 
  • Error risk reduced


  • Tasks without added value avoided (information search, count, marking…) 
  • Optimized cycle time


  • Integrated solution to users workspace
  • Focused operators on their expertise

Building on this success, Dassault Aviation plans to implement the solution on other workspaces.

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