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Diota raises nearly € 3 million to accelerate its growth

With its first fundraising, Diota obtains nearly € 3 million in funding to continue its development in France and abroad.

A new milestone in the growth of the SME

After the launch in late 2015 of an Augmented Reality software solution allowing to empower operators in industrial environments with digital data, followed at the beginning of the year by first major industrial deployments, Diota marks a new stage in its development. Financial support from leading investors such as Calao Finance, ATI, managed by CEA Investissement, and Safran Corporate Ventures will help accelerate the deployments of its large-scale industrial solutions.

With our generic and plug-and-play solutions, we have demonstrated that Augmented Reality can be widely deployed in industry today, by seamlessly integrating the existing software and hardware industrial environments. We are proud to welcome to our capital and our governance quality investors who will provide us, beyond the financial support, valuable operational support. This financial and industrial support will enable us to go further, by offering our customers not only to extend the use of these innovative tools, but also to create new offers that meet as much as possible their challenges and goals, comments Lionnel Joussemet, a co-founder and the president of the company.

Towards European leadership

With these contributions, Diota will continue its strong growth. The company plans to quickly double its workforce, from twenty to forty employees by the end of the year, and consolidate its international presence, where it currently makes 40% of its business. It is already working on new projects, particularly in partnership with major integrators and publishers of complementary solutions to high value-added business offers. Prospects whose achievement should confirm Diota's European leadership in industrial Augmented Reality.

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