• Link digital with human. Reliably. Outstandingly.

    Link digital with human. Reliably. Outstandingly.

AR software


The result of more than ten years of R&D in our laboratory, our AR software solution removes challenging technological barriers in the field of industrial Augmented Reality. Built around a single platform, DiotaPlayer, it is generic, flexible, and evolutive. It integrates existing software and hardware environments to unleash the power of AR for a broad spectrum of industrial uses, at large scale.

Unrivalled. Powerful.

Empower women and men with digital data

Empower women and men with digital data

Making the most out of digital intelligence.

Workers from all industry backgrounds visualize their job steps in real time, in their usual work environment. The right information at the right place at the right time. No AR expert skills are needed. Tasks are done faster, better, and more comfortably.

Optimize processes and methods with human

Optimize processes and methods with human

Making the most out of human experience & know-how.

Data collected in the field by workers during the use of AR are automatically input into information systems. Methods departments benefit immediately from human observation and experience. Processes are efficiently optimized.


Industrial by nature
  • Tracking

    The best tracking technology

    DiotaPlayer includes exclusively today’s most powerful tracking technology resulting from our partnership with the CEA. By nature accurate, robust, and non-invasive (does not require markers), Diota's tracking technology is particularly adapted to industrial contexts. It enables to visualize AR contents in the right place where they are required, while letting workers move naturally (the contents keep displaying accurately) in their usual work environment (which is not instrumented). Included in different tracking modules whose respective features enable high AR efficiency in various operating environments, it offers end users a strong reliability.


Seamlessly integrable with information systems
AR projects right from IS

AR projects right from IS DiotaConnect

DiotaPlayer's users can create with full autonomy AR projects directly from their information systems like PLM thanks to a single plugin, DiotaConnect.

Diotaconnect automatically converts geometrical (3D models) and procedural (instruction sheets, contextual information…) data contained in PLM systems in DiotaProjects, i.e. AR projects that can be directly opened anf read in DiotaPlayer, with no additional work being required.

On field data right back into IS

On field data right back into IS DiotaConnect

Thanks to DiotaPlayer software solution, information systems can immediately benefit from human experience and get enriched with accurate data collected in the field.

With DiotaConnect plugin, data collected in the field during the use of DiotaPlayer are automatically transfered to information systems, whether via an automated Pdf reporting or a synchronous connection.

Methods and planning department can this way efficiently adjust and improve processes.

3D contents ready for AR

3D contents ready for AR DiotaStudio

DiotaPlayer's users can create with full transparency DiotaProjects in CAD sofware like Unity3D thanks to a single plugin, DiotaStudio.

DiotaStudio comes with an IHM and offers users the ability to prepare 3D contents that are automatically converted to be read in DiotaPlayer, with no additionnal work being required.


Readily integrable with various standard devices
  • Projective System
  • Tablets Tablet
  • glassready Head mounted displays
  • Projective System

    Especially fitted for manufacturing processes, projective devices are recommended when complex and exhaustive information needs to be viewed directly on objects. Technicians thus keep their hands free while being guided for their gestures.

  • Tablet

    Particularly suitable for quality controls, sales and support, and training, tablet devices enable many interactions with information systems while delivering high graphic quality.

  • Head mounted displays

    With head mounted displays, both the operational environment and the operators’ hands are kept free, thus enabling much agility.

User-friendly by design


DiotaPlayer's interface has been developed specifically for users from all backgrounds. Being particularly ergonomic, it lets end users intuitively invoke functions and easily manipulate data and projects. No expert skills in AR are required.

DiotaPlayer comes with a set of functionalities enabling to browse procedural contents and easily interact with them. Its agnostic internal data structure, independent of all PLM systems, includes a true « procedural engine » which offers various use possibilities depending on content types (sequenced job cards, non sequenced job cards…).